Monday, 26 August 2013

3d shapes

My box
Geometry 2D and 3D shapes
In Room 14 we have been learning to
- Identify shapes in nets by unpacking boxes and drawing around shapes
- Use nets to make 3D shapes

First we looked at how many edges, corners and surfaces our boxes had.
Then we looked at the different nets by unpacking our boxes we brought from home.
We saw a lot of different shapes. All the nets were similar but different at the same time.
We looked at where the tabs were placed on the net. We needed to think where we would need to put our tabs when we make our boxes.

Then it was time to create our nets. some were big and some were small.

We then had to put it together. Some were successful on the first try and some needed to be modifidifn.

3D shape's is not all about doing this but it's important because you have to get the same size.
You need to have tabs on a box or else it wont connect.

This is my completed box!

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